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roy x edward fanclub
Current Residence: central city
Favourite cartoon character: edward elric & roy mustang
Personal Quote: "shrimp", "don't call me short!"

It looks like ile-o had right with her worries about members playing fair with this voting. People, this is a contest. I know that prices are just to die for and everyone want to win, but damn, PLAY FAIR! We are checking all comments and people, who are voting. Sorry guys, but when we see that vote is given by someone who just created his account we CAN think that is WRONG! Just chekc out this account -> ugotsame  Whoever did this, SHAME on you!
Next unfair thing. "Please, vote for me!" - no, no, NO! Feel free to tell your friends or watchers about contest, but not things like this! People shoudl vote for the best, not for his friends, is that clear? To show you want we have on our minds, here:
HyperPegesus asked that she can vote if she's not in the club. First, we had NOTHING against it, and it's good that Syaomie said she can vote, but hell -> "please vote for me *_* please *_*! *insert puppy eyes*" and "please vote for me *_* please *_*! *insert puppy eyes*" - WHAT IS THIS?!
Ok, we have NO WORDS for this. Voting deviation was delete. Don't worry, we will submit it soon. But first, think about yourselfs and about fair play rules. Contest is for choose the best one, not for choose the one who have many friends there.
We will make NEW RULES OF VOTING for this contest and start voting again. And to you known, it looks like we will let vote only club members, if you can't just play fair as it is.
Thank you for you antention, cheaters, and sorry for fair people, who are waiting for contest results. Be patient, we will choose TRUE WINNER together.

We have 22, yes, TWENTY-TWO awesome entries this time :D You all did your best ^3^ We're showing you all those beautiful pictures aready, but you need to wait untill we make voting deviation, as always, so please, DON'T VOTE HERE! Just take a look of them and think which one will you choose to give your vote for ^.^

1.… by LittleGothBoyRobin
2.… by Edward-Elric28932
3.… by ChibiEdo
4.… by Syaomie
5.… by elfy016
6.… by AngelicScars01
7.… by hanachan01
8.… by HylianAlchemist13
9.… by SakuraKita
10.… by sokomadeda
11.… by Gabyangel
12.… by Roko-Epsilon
13.… by maekiel
14.… by Schreiend
15.… by TenkenXOtaku
16.… by BlackFlameEnvy
17.… by Windmagician124
18.… by blitzacetidus
19.… by JBoogle
20.… by ile-o
21.… by Aziran
22.… by Yue-Xumeragi

Yeah, that's all :D Thank you SO MUCH all of you and good luck :heart:
Voting deviation will be submited in a few days, just give us a little bit time to make it ^3^

As we said already, we want to make this contest special, it's CHRISTMAS contest at all, so we have some prizes for the best :D
First place winner will receive Roy x Edward yaoi doujinshi book + copies of three FMA fanmade doujinshi games + small suprise gift especially from club's owners :D
Second place winner will receive FMA yaoi doujinshi book + copies of two FMA fanmade doujinshi games of choice + small suprise gift from club's owners :D
Third place winner will receive copies of two FMA fanmade doujinshi games of choice + small suprise gift from club's owners :D
Prizes aren't final! That means you may be sure that prices will be like this, but there is a chance that we will add more stuff for the winners, so check our journal updates :D

As you probably know there wasn't too much problems with theme for december's contest :D It's nothing special so hope you won't be have troubles with found idea for your pictures XD Our 4th contest theme are CHRISTMAS/WINTER :heart: Not original though, but hope you'll find something to make your art special :D
Today is 25 november. We will give you three weeks, that means you have to finish your art until 16 december! Then we'll make usually voting till the end of 2005 year. I think two weeks will be fine for voting XD
Forgot to add - ALL ENTRIES WILL BE PUT INTO THIS JOURNAL AFTER DEADLINE! Be sure you got reply from us that we got your contest entry.

1. You must submit your contest entry on your own DA account before you send it to us.
2. You must be a club member of course.
3. You must send us a note with CONTEST ENTRY in subject, including a link to your contest picture.
4. One member = one picture.
5. It can be traditional picture, digital picture, whatever you want.
6. It can /or should/ be shounen-ai/yaoi picture. It's Roy x Ed Club at least.
8. Deadline is 16th december. That means you have 3 weeks for drawing. After that, we'll start voting.
If you have any question for this contest, feel free to ask.
Good luck everyone :D

:bulletblue: GENERAL INFO :bulletred:
This club is dedicated to relationship between Roy Mustang and Edward Elric from Hagane no Renkinjutsushi /Fullmetal Alchemist/ anime/manga. Yes, we worship these two as a PAIR. So if you don't like yaoi/shounen-ai you should leave now, because you don't find anything interesting there. If you like this genre of relationships and you love Roy x Edo, read the rules and join :heart:

:bulletblue: FOUNDERS :bulletred:

:bulletblue: RULES :bulletred:
Only one - you MUST love and worship relationship between Roy and Edward. We all know they love so much each other, and their hate is only cover for their true feelings. YES, there isn't place for womans in Roy's heart. Get lost, Riza.
So, add our icon to your DA journal, watch us and join.

:bulletblue: JOIN :bulletred:
If you readed the rules you may join now. Please, don't leave requests as a comments. If you wanna to be in members list, send a note with "JOIN" in subject. That's all. List will be updating regulary.

:bulletblue: MEMBERS :bulletred:
-> last update 23.02.2006
-> icon list ->…
-> txt list ->…
-> hall of fame ->…

:bulletblue: AFFILIATES :bulletred:
:iconalterlove: :iconhagaren-pl: :iconelric-brothers: :iconthe-alchemists: :iconedward-elric: :iconhagaren-ai: :iconenvy-lovers: :iconelricest-love: :iconwinryfan-club: :icone-a-c: :iconroy-mustang-fanclub: :iconal-elric-heiderich: :iconfullmetal-nephilic: :iconheiderich-sama: :iconcloudxlink: :iconmustang-x-havoc-club:

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If you readed the rules you may join now. Please, don't leave requests as a comments. If you wanna to be in members list, send a note with "JOIN" in subject. That's all. List will be updating regulary.

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